Graphic Designer based in Stuttgart, Germany. Focus: Posters, Editorial, Corporate Design, Websites.

Bachelor of arts - Stuttgart, Germany - Instagram - Behance - Imprint

After seeing Jacqueline Casey’s posters for the first time i had the aspiration to become a designer. Ever since then my life has been all about shape and form, color and typography.

My area of work focusses on Graphic- and 3D design. I create posters, corporate designs, websites, magazines / brochures, as well as 3D objects and scenery. Working multidisciplinary my goal is always to create the most functional and aesthetically pleasing result. Simplicity and consistency are staples of my work.

I’ve worked for / at:
Skyline Studios, Jung von Matt, Hochschule Kaiserslautern, Arthelps, Sebastian Kraus, Alexander Bouquet, Digital Devotion, Getränke x …

Interested in my work? Questions? Please don’t hesitate to send me an